A Week-Night Dinner in Sicily (#ItalianFWT)

The Swirling Dervish

Raw Swordfish at Fish Market (Close-Up) Sicilian Swordfish Fresh Off the Boat (photo by BingoKid)

This Saturday the Italian Food Wine Travel group is off to Sicily for an exploration of the island’s food, wine, history, and culture.  Why don’t you join us?  We gather (virtually) at 11 am eastern time, following the #ItalianFWT on Twitter.  On the first Saturday of each month the group focuses on a particular region of Italy, sharing travel tips as well as food and wine discoveries.  It’s always a lively discussion, and I come away inspired to track down a new wine or test a new recipe.  Our guide to Sicily will be Martin Redmond, of Enofylz Wine Blog fame, and it’s sure to be a good time!  Here’s what’s on tap for the chat:

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Sicilian Fun with Frappato, Grillo, Swordfish and Artichokes #ItalianFWT


Occhipinti Il Frappato with swordfish skewers Conclusion: The right red wine pairs beautifully with swordfish, but artichokes call for a white

A Virtual Return to Sicily
Our Italian Food Wine & Travel group has visited (virtually) Sicily a couple of times. This month, we’re returning with another open invitation to further explore Sicily from afar. I’m fascinated with everything related to Mount Etna, but there’s much more to explore than that one corner of this large island. This time I vowed to move my focus. My fellow bloggers are also posting on Sicily this month, so take a look toward the bottom of this post to link to their finds!

artichokes (carciofi) roasted in the coals A classic Sicilian preparation: artichokes (carciofi) roasted in the coals

In my research, found that artichokes (Carciofi) are a classic Sicilian veggie choice. A favorite preparation is to simply add a bit of oil and salt and roast them in the coals of a fire…

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Etna Rosso Valcerasa-Bonaccorsi 2011

Luoghi & Sapori

etna_rosso_valcerasa_noannoDobbiamo ringraziare La Terra Trema, la consueta kermesse di fine novembre organizzata presso lo spazio pubblico autogestito Leoncavallo di Milano, se ogni anno riusciamo a incontrare produttori peculiari come quello il cui Etna Rosso ci accingiamo ancora una volta a degustare. Messi in commercio soltanto dopo diversi anni dalla vendemmia, i vini di Alice Bonaccorsi e Rosario Pappalardo

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