Sicily rediscovers six indigenous grape varieties previously thought extinct (Imbibe)

Six indigenous Sicilian winegrapes previously deemed lost have been rediscovered and added to the Italian National Register of Grape Varieties. The six grapes are the reds Inzolia Nera, Lucignola, Orisi, Usirioto and Vitrarolo, and the white Recunu.

Inzolia Nera

It’s an extremely significant achievement for the protection of the Sicilian viticultural heritage,’ commented Edgardo Bandiera of the Sicilian Council of Agriculture.

This has been possible thanks to the work undertaken by the region’s technicians. They researched historical grape varieties in marginal viticultural areas of the Madonie and Nebrodi mountain ranges, as well as private gardens across the whole of Sicily, where people have been cultivating vines for home winemaking for centuries.’

The addition to the register is the result of a 15-year research project led by the Marsala branch of the University of Palermo in collaboration with Marsala’s winegrowers, such as Gemma Spano Bresina, and growers across the larger region. Continue reading “Sicily rediscovers six indigenous grape varieties previously thought extinct (Imbibe)”