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Experience Sicily

I brought this Etna Rosso back from Sicily in July, after staying at the vineyard where it was produced. In addition, Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta has been staying at the property’s agriturismo in Linguaglossa on Etna the past two nights with friends. So, it was wondrous that I was able to bring Scilio Wines’ Orphéus lable to celebrate Danielle Oteri of Feast on History birthday barbecue in New York City tonight. As soon as I took a sip, I was transported right back to the slopes of the volcano, tasting bold, earthy flavors including overtones of porcini mushrooms, olives, and flowers. I am always amazed, when I let myself be taken by a wine, that I can be led right to its terroir. Tonight, I was back at Valle Galfina Resort, yet I was sitting in the middle of Harlem.

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Azienda Agricola Occhipinti, natural wines in Sicily (Orange Wines)

A country road connecting Gela to Kamarina going through Cerasuolo di Vittoria hills and from Caltagirone it continued to Catania and Lentini. This road is the SP68. One might think that there is nothing special about this road but if you know about Sicily wine then you know about this road. It crosses Fossa di Lupo District where one of the most special wineries in this island is located: Agricola Occhipinti, where owner and winemaker Arianna Occhipinti produces her world-known wines.

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For an Italian Wine Region That Does It All, Turn to Sicily (VinePair)

Welcome to Sicily, home of orange trees, olive groves, and more vineyards than you could possibly imagine. While we might think of Sicily as being small, it’s actually the largest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea, giving way to a serious array of grape-growing opportunities. With various terrains, topographical diversity, and that little old volcano on the eastern end of the island, there’s really no doubt about it; when it comes to wine, Sicily can do it all.

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6 Top Sicilian Wines You Need To Try

Nice tips about Sicilian Wines from this article on Prestige On Line:

The sizable island of Sicily at the south-west tip of Italy’s “boot” is a wine region unto itself, one of 20 in Italy, and is considered to produce some of the country’s best. With vineyards mostly on the west and east coasts of the 28,000-square-kilometre island, much of the wine here benefits from excellent climatic and soil conditions, as well as know-how that dates back centuries. We take a look at some of the top producers. Continue reading “6 Top Sicilian Wines You Need To Try”

Sicilian wine is sunshine in a bottle (Richard Esling)

Open a bottle of chilled Sicilian white (or red for that matter) and you can almost feel the sunshine that has ripened the grapes to produce these delicious and eminently affordable wines.

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The Most Read Articles of May 2017

From time to time it is useful to stop and look back. We wondered what our readers love most and we decided to have a look to the articles that you especially enjoyed. So, let’s start this short section of the 5 most read articles of the month. Continue reading “The Most Read Articles of May 2017”

7 Bottles that Put Sicily on the Map of Trendy Wine Regions (Food & Wine)

Terroir hunters love the stuff: a soil of salty ash, pumice and rock, steep slopes, and a star grape variety—Nerello Mascalese—that can channel intense minerality and that tastes like the lovechild of Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir. The appellation has attracted a flock of talented winemakers, some avant-garde, some seeking to revive the oldest traditions (three of them profiled below), and a new generation of drinkers who love a good story as much as a great glass.

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Etna Wine Scales the Heights (Wine-Searcher)

-SeearcherEtna is full of surprises, as Planeta winemaker Patricia Toth can tell you. As the winery produces wines from several different estates across Sicily, Toth understands the uniqueness of Etna.

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Salvo Foti, the pillar of tradition in Mt Etna winegrowing (Wine — Mise en abyme)

Viticulture on the mountain is a mix of the traditional and these “newer” training systems and associated practices. There is no fiercer proponent and advocate of the traditional approach than Salvo Foti. Continue reading “Salvo Foti, the pillar of tradition in Mt Etna winegrowing (Wine — Mise en abyme)”

A Week-Night Dinner in Sicily (#ItalianFWT)

The Swirling Dervish

Raw Swordfish at Fish Market (Close-Up) Sicilian Swordfish Fresh Off the Boat (photo by BingoKid)

This Saturday the Italian Food Wine Travel group is off to Sicily for an exploration of the island’s food, wine, history, and culture.  Why don’t you join us?  We gather (virtually) at 11 am eastern time, following the #ItalianFWT on Twitter.  On the first Saturday of each month the group focuses on a particular region of Italy, sharing travel tips as well as food and wine discoveries.  It’s always a lively discussion, and I come away inspired to track down a new wine or test a new recipe.  Our guide to Sicily will be Martin Redmond, of Enofylz Wine Blog fame, and it’s sure to be a good time!  Here’s what’s on tap for the chat:

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