Le Chiocciole 2018 di Sicilia di Slow Wine

E’ arrivato il turno di un’altra delle guide classiche e più lette, Slow Wine, con le sue Chiocciole a premiare i vini più buoni dell’isola.

Le Chiocciole di Sicilia sono 11, una in meno dello scorso anno, e per la precisione:

Qui trovate le altre 184 Chiocciole d’Italia: http://www.slowfood.it/slowine/ecco-voi-le-195-chiocciole-di-slow-wine-2018/


Meet the man making wine on the edge of Europe’s largest active volcano (CNBC)

At around 900 meters high, Frank Cornelissen‘s wine estate sits at the limit of where viticulture was done historically, and also today.

Wine has been growing on the slopes of Mount Etna for over 2,000 years and only now is it catching the eye of investors, with several large Italian wine producers recently investing in the region.

Every morning you wake up the first thing you do is looking at this mountain,” Cornelissen told CNBC. “It (Mount Etna) is a sign of life. It’s pretty fearsome when it explodes; it is, for me, very attractive also.”

Lava flows from the Mount Etna volcano on the southern Italian island of Sicily, near Catania, late on December 6, 2015.
Giovanni Isolino | AFP | Getty Images

The Sicily-based winemaker employs 20 young workers and along with himself and his wife, they run the 24-hectare wine estate. Cornelissen’s natural approach to wine and the resources he has in the foothills of Mount Etna have defined his product.

My approach to wine is very much combining the ancient with what today is available in quality. I think this is a great period for people who can make choices,” he said.”Now the soil is black, it’s very unusual because it can go from literally rocks, and then compact rock, to a powder. It is full of minerals, it has a great quality of drainage and so vines can last centuries“.

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Etna: nuovi vini molto antichi

Emozionante il racconto dell’Etna, fatto da alcuni dei suoi più grandi protagonisti: Andrea Franchetti, Alberto Graci, Salvo Di Bella, Benjamin Spencer, Salvo Foti e Frank Cornelissen su Rai Italia:

Etna 2.png

Lo trovate cliccando qui.


7 Bottles that Put Sicily on the Map of Trendy Wine Regions (Food & Wine)

Terroir hunters love the stuff: a soil of salty ash, pumice and rock, steep slopes, and a star grape variety—Nerello Mascalese—that can channel intense minerality and that tastes like the lovechild of Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir. The appellation has attracted a flock of talented winemakers, some avant-garde, some seeking to revive the oldest traditions (three of them profiled below), and a new generation of drinkers who love a good story as much as a great glass.

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Contrade dell’Etna 2017. Le 10 contrade scelte da VinidiSicilia

Contrade dell’Etna sta diventando sempre di più un’opportunità per far conoscere i vini dell’Etna al di là non solo dello stretto, ma oltre i confini nazionali.

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I 20 vini di Sicilia più cercati nel 2016 su Wine Searcher

Concludiamo questa nostra analisi dei vini di Sicilia più popolari secondo i dati aggregati di Wine Searcher con la Top20 generale.2016 Continue reading “I 20 vini di Sicilia più cercati nel 2016 su Wine Searcher”

The Evolution of a Natural Winemaker (The New York Times)

When a writer comes calling, most winemakers would consider it in their best interest to offer their proudest efforts for sampling. But Frank Cornelissen has never been like most winemakers.

Instead Mr. Cornelissen, who has a reputation as the most unyielding of natural winemakers, thinks it’s more instructive to taste his failures. This explains how we came to drink his 2006 Magma Rosso, made from old nerello mascalese vines grown organically in the foothills of Mount Etna, as we sat in a restaurant in June outside this small town on the north face of Etna.

Source: The Evolution of a Natural Winemaker – The New York Times

Contrade dell’Etna 2016, i Top10 di Vini di Sicilia

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