I Vini Top (e le Cantine) della guida “Vini di Sicilia” 2019

Presentata al circolo Telimar di Palermo la guida «19 Vini di Sicilia», edita dal Giornale di Sicilia Editoriale Poligrafica S.p.A e da S.E.S. Società Editrice Sud s.p.a., in collaborazione con Slow Food Editore, in vendita con il Giornale di Sicilia e la Gazzetta del Sud. Oltre 100 produttori del territorio si raccontano con i loro vini tra le pagine di questo vademecum di facile consultazione.

guida ai vini siciliani, Sicilia, Società

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Italian Winemakers Talk Natural Wine – Grapecollective.com

Nice article with interviews of some Italian Natural Winemakers; among them, obviously, someone from Sicily!

In this case, it has been interviewed Nino Barraco, that says:

“In order to allow our terroir to shine, we like to work naturally. This means we don’t use commercial yeast, no chemicals, and we don’t even add a gram of sulphur, therefore we stay well under the minimum requirement. This allows us to make wines with strong character and a strong sense of place. That’s what I want.

I believe the perfect wine doesn’t exist and I am not trying to make one. For me, it’s important to produce wines that are recognizable and have a personal identity, that have character, a real sense or place.

To make a good wine to me means to make a wine with emotions. That when you taste it, it inspires. That is how I measure quality. It is not based on the level of intensity or clearness of the wine, the important thing is the feelings it induces in people when they drink them. “

Few words even from Giuseppe Di Legami:

“For us, to make a natural wine is to give a wine that is natural from nature and not change the process from nature. So, you have something directly from the earth to the glass.”

This is the all article: Italian Winemakers Talk Natural Wine – Grapecollective.com.