I Vini Top (e le Cantine) della guida “Vini di Sicilia” 2019

Presentata al circolo Telimar di Palermo la guida «19 Vini di Sicilia», edita dal Giornale di Sicilia Editoriale Poligrafica S.p.A e da S.E.S. Società Editrice Sud s.p.a., in collaborazione con Slow Food Editore, in vendita con il Giornale di Sicilia e la Gazzetta del Sud. Oltre 100 produttori del territorio si raccontano con i loro vini tra le pagine di questo vademecum di facile consultazione.

guida ai vini siciliani, Sicilia, Società

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In Sicily, Making a Name for Vittoria (The New York Times)

Eric Asimov and The New York Times with another great article about Sicilian wines.

The red wines made in the vicinity of this midsize town in southeastern Sicily can be elegant and beautiful, with a crunchy freshness and a reticent austerity. They can be intriguingly mineral, gorgeously perfumed and astonishingly pure, while still displaying rich, focused fruit flavors. They offer a lot to love. Yet if you held your breath waiting for a discussion of Sicilian wines to get around to those of Vittoria, you may end up gasping for air. With good reason, the wines of Mount Etna to the north have captured the imagination of many Americans.

The rest of the article here: In Sicily, Making a Name for Vittoria – The New York Times