Discovering Etna’s Volcanic Wines – International Wine Tourism Conference

When it comes to planting vines one of the last places you may want to consider is planting them on the slopes of an active volcano.

Recent outbursts of Sicily’s Mount Etna provide sound arguments for this with lava flows wiping out precious vines within minutes. So why do it? Perhaps wine makers are motivated by the fact that volcanic wines are highly terroir- orientated as bedrock, soils, drainage and microclimates are highly diverse which in turn would make it impossible to make stylistic generalizations about wines grown on the flanks of an active volcano.

The wines tasted were as follows:

Tenute Nicosia – Etna Bianco 2011 – 80% Carricante & 20%  Catarratto 12 months French Oak

Benanti Winery – Etna Bianco 2014 100% Carricante

Benanti Winery – Pietra Marina 2012 100% Carricante

Tenute Mannino di Plachi – Etna Bianco 2013 95% Carricante & 5%  Catarratto

Tenuta di Fessina – Puddara 100% Carricante 9 months in Chestnut barrels

Terrazze Dell’Etna Ciuri – Blanc de Noir Nerello Mascalese & Carricante

Al-Cantàra – Luci Luci 2014 100% Carricante

Romeo del Castello – Vigo 2013 Nerello Mascalese (old vines 70 – 100 years) with a dash of Nerello Cappuccio

Tenuta Scilio di Valle Galfina – Valle Galfina 2015 100% Carricante

Source: Discovering Etna’s Volcanic Wines – International Wine Tourism Conference

Etna Bianco Doc A’ Puddara 2013 – Gardini Notes (The Wine Killers)

Luca Gardini, one of the most important Italian Wine Writers, in his new website speaks for the 1st time of a Sicilian wine:

Wine aged in large barrels. During the tasting, one perceives earthen volcanic notes, thanks to an evident flavor, which is mixed with acidity, but never excessive and attributed to hints of lemon and bergamot. Finishes with nuances of white melon and balsamic touches of aromatic herbs.

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